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RE: [linux-dell-laptops] Dell Latitudfe CPx USB Wireless

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  • Nootrakslota HELLO
    hi i dont want to be part of this group thank you
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 20, 2004

      hi i dont want to be part of this group thank you

      >From: Ragone_Andrew <kc2lto@...>
      >Reply-To: linux-dell-laptops@yahoogroups.com
      >To: linux-dell-laptops@yahoogroups.com
      >Subject: [linux-dell-laptops] Dell Latitudfe CPx USB Wireless
      >Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2004 21:34:59 -0500
      >I have just installed Mandrake 10.1 on the above laptop. Things seem
      >to be working nicely but the only thing I REALLY need to get to work
      >is my wireless adapter which is off the USB port. It is a Dlink
      >DWL-G120 which I have not been able to configure. The network "wizard"
      >lets you choose several drivers is has installed by default to work
      >for your device, and Prism54 is there [which should uspport my WLAN
      >Card]. Only problem is that when I autoprobe for the config
      >information, it does not work. I can specify options myself but do not
      >know what they are. Examples of config variables are:
      >Does anyone know what to do to configure this or another driver that
      >will work? I have tried prism54 from the site as well without luck
      >installing it. I have also tried Linuxant DriverLoader which loads
      >.inf windows files into linux for that device, but i cannot find any
      >.inf files for my card....
      >-Andrew Ragone
      >  Kc2LTO
      >  http://lifeonedge.com
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