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Re: [linux-dell-laptops] Re: is linux always this slow, or do i need to tweak?

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  • Gus Wiening
    ... As someone else already mentioned, the stock nv driver with X should work fine for most things. It s just a 2-D driver, though, so don t expect to get
    Message 1 of 10 , May 25, 2004
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      --- i8200linux <i8200linux@...> wrote:
      > Thanks for the responses thus far (I'm still open to
      > suggestions
      > from others' experiences too, of course). I now have
      > a couple things
      > to try. By some of the responses it sounds as if I
      > just may have
      > picked the wrong program to "test" at 11:30 last
      > night. Maybe I
      > should have compared the Freecell program... ;)
      > Hopefully I'll get
      > a chance to play around with it a little more
      > tonight, and maybe
      > make a couple of the suggested changes to see how
      > things go.
      > --- adam@t... wrote:
      > > You probably didn't need to install *everything*
      > as the
      > > more bits and pieces running in the background
      > will slow
      > > the machine a little
      > I realize that *everything* was a bit much to
      > install (6 CDs
      > worth?), but as a new linux user I was curious to
      > check out all the
      > different packages available to me... see which ones
      > I like better
      > (KDE vs. GNOME, etc.), then uninstall what I don't
      > need/want (you
      > CAN uninstall, can't you?).
      > Nobody addressed the nVidia driver issue. Is that
      > something I need
      > to investigate with FC1?

      As someone else already mentioned, the stock 'nv'
      driver with X should work fine for most things. It's
      just a 2-D driver, though, so don't expect to get any
      GLX performance from your card (if you're not into
      gaming, though, this shouldn't even be an issue). I'm
      using a 2-year-old nVidia driver, since they were so
      /very/ thoughtful when they decided to stop making it
      easy to build and install drivers... which sucks,
      because I can't get X to start properly with my shiney
      new GeForce FX card. Curse you, nVidia!

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