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Re: Overheating

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  • ar_gordon
    No apologies needed. I ve done several things regarding the overheating problem. 1) I ve installed Fedora 1 core. 2) ACPI is enabled on bootup in the
    Message 1 of 11 , Apr 16, 2004
      No apologies needed. I've done several things regarding the
      overheating problem.

      1) I've installed Fedora 1 core.
      2) ACPI is enabled on bootup in the grep.conf script
      3) I obtained a cooling fan unit from EBAY sits under the laptop and
      plugs into the USB port.

      Running SETI and monitoring the temperature and processor speed in
      /proc/acpi/..., I note that the temperature with the lid open or
      closed, runs about 75 deg. C and the processor speed is reduced by 50
      - 75%, depending on temperature. Seti is running at priority level 19.

      So far the system is behaving and not shutting down. But the area to
      the right of the touch pad does get warm.

      I must admit that this is not an ideal solution since my IBM T30 runs
      seti all the time with the lid closed and no hit of overheating or
      reduction in processor speed. Given this, I probably won't buy
      another Dell notebook computer.


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      > ar_gordon escribía: [[linux-dell-laptops] Re: Overheating], el 31 de
      marzo de 2004 a las 05:23:13 (-0000)
      > >
      > > Well I'm afraid that just isn't so. I have seti running on my IBM T30
      > > notebook, 24x7 without a problem.
      > >
      > > Allen
      > Hello, Allen. Some weeks ago I write about overheating in a closed
      > laptop based on my experience and 'comon sense'. Well. You have a
      > differente experience and I have asked other people which have closed
      > laptops calculating during days without problem: concretly a Dell and
      > an Acer. So I have to say that you are probably right. Accept my
      > apologizes.
      > Related to that ¿how do you control fans? I use a I8600 and have
      > noticed that ACPI keeps tempeature quite low, launching fans often
      > (sometimes below 50C) but i8kmon launch them much less and temperature
      > often goes up to 70C. I have not done exaustive comparations, but I
      > have never seen more than 60C with ACPI alone.
      > Also with i8kmon, I have noticed that the zone of the case over the HD
      > gets quite warm. So, I don't use it now.
      > Ángel.
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