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Re: Is this 5150 summary accurate?

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  • severinsieben
    ... upgrades, ... buy ... don t know, haven t investigated. ... A24 ... (??); ... see below ... break? I ... i m running A25. apm still does not work with
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      --- In linux-dell-laptops@yahoogroups.com, Allan Gottlieb
      <gottlieb@n...> wrote:
      > I was planning to purchase a 5150 and read a number of articles from
      > this group and read the two entries in
      > Three areas seemed a little unclear: minipci wireless, bios
      > and power management. Is the following a fair summary?
      > 1. wireless: The truemoble 1150 works under linux, but the the 1300
      > and 1180 do not.
      > Question. If I buy the machine *without* a minipci, can I simply
      > and install an 1150? In particular, are the antenna wires there (I
      > know one is likely to be a little short?

      don't know, haven't investigated.

      > 2. bios upgrades: Issues have been reported with several, A23 and
      > among others. Presumably a new machine will have a new bios
      > so I will have to live with these issues until a fix is found. I
      > see on dell's site that A25 is available. Has anyone tried it?

      see below

      > 3. power management (ties in with #2). I realize there are acp vs
      > acpi questions. Is it fair to say that, given one of the new
      > bios'es, one can build a kernel and arrive at an "acceptable"
      > solution? That is, at least the machine can be suspended (either
      > to ram or disk, ok if only one is possible), it will run at high
      > speed when plugged in, and will cool itself enough not to
      break? I
      > realize that my definition of "acceptable" is very weak and a lot
      > more should work.

      i'm running A25. apm still does not work with this bios.

      it seems compiling acpi patch into ur kernel is the only option atm
      for power management on a 5150. a potenial problem is that there are
      no DSDT spec files on the linux acpi site for 5150, although there
      are 2 for 5100, which is (i think) fairly similar. looks like suspend
      can be handled by swsuspend which uses ur swap partition to suspend

      i haven't attempted all this yet (5150 arrived 2 weeks ago). main
      problem is it won't power down without u pressing the power key. been
      putting off looking into format of DSDT files ;)

      > Finally, I didn't see a specific mention of the 7200 RPM 60GB disk.
      > I assume there are no linux issues with this (it simply becomes hdx
      > for some x).
      > Thanks very much,
      > allan
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