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Re: Not only is Linux on my laptop, but it's a web server as well!

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  • mwb53tx
    ... somewhat ... a laptop ... I don t agree that it s kind of stupid ... and yes, you re right, it s not a laptop anymore and it hasn t been really a laptop
    Message 1 of 7 , Nov 3, 2003
      > Having a laptop as a webserver is kind of stupid, first of all it is
      > (not really) bad to have it on all the time, and secondly it is not
      a laptop
      > anymore if it has to stay there. get a cheap P150 and use it as a
      > router/webserver/fileserver.

      I don't agree that it's "kind of stupid"... and yes, you're right,
      it's not a laptop anymore and it hasn't been "really a laptop" for
      sometime. It's a desktop replacement, and sits --- on a desk, with an
      external mouse and keyboard attached. Sure, I used to travel all over
      the world with this machine, but now it's at home all the time, and
      hooked to the Internet. Now it's also a server:

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