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Re: [linux-dell-laptops] Re: Latitude XPi m133st : unbelievable boot problem...

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  • Xfrag Belgarion
    Hi ! Thx a lot for your help to ! :) I understand what you say...i think i have a lot of work to realize what you told me...i m not afraid... but i don t
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 28, 2003
      Hi !
      Thx a lot for your help to ! :)
      I understand what you say...i think i have a lot of work to realize what you told me...i'm not afraid...
      but i don't understand why i can boot on my RH 7.0 CDROM with the RH bootfloppy  (i can start the installation and configure the partitions the packages...but it fail during the installation of those packages
      and the second fact is that Windows 95 is easy to install with a boot floppy and the CDROM then...no prob it works...
      I think i may change the CDROM and the floppy drive as they might not work very well as you told me...but i don't know if the connector are IDE or else (i'm a bit afraid to brake it if i open it)...and i don't have a CD ROM to plug on the parallel port...do you think i could manage to make a cable by myself with a IDE ATAPI CDROM (if it is possible to do it...) ?
      thanks very much for your advices.
      hfelton11 <hfelton11@...> wrote:
      --- In linux-dell-laptops@yahoogroups.com, Xfrag Belgarion
      > Thanks a lot for your help ! i hope i'll give you some good news
      in a few days :)
      > bye
      > Mathieu.
      > fan jiao wrote:
      > A couple of things:
      > 1. Your memory size seems small. Here is an URL
      > for customizing redhat linux for 32 MB or less
      > system:
      > http://www.rule-project.org/en/
      > 2. Most Linux* cover CDROM pretty well; what is
      > the speed of CDROM? A low speed CDROM at a 133MHZ
      > system may not work for lastest Linux.
      > Suggest to try to load Redhat 6.2 which was released
      > around that period of technology.
      > --- xfrag_bel wrote:
      > > 2- i have tried to boot from a Mandrake 8.0 and 9.0
      > > bootdisks and the
      > > floppy boots but the laptop is unable to load
      > > anything from the CD...
      > > I have the Mandrake splash screen to choose install,
      > > upgrade or
      > > help...
      > > and after it write "boot failed...insert an other
      > > disk..."
      > >

      if i am reading your description correctly, then i think
      you may actually be seeing a hardware failure of your cdrom.
      hardware failures DO occur and the fact that you cannot
      boot from the cdrom using any distribution is suspicious.

      try attaching an external parallel-port cdrom and using
      the correct drivers to activate it with DOS (mscdex...).
      this would allow you to reinstall win95 if you want.

      once you can validate that the drive is working, then you
      can try to create the correct boot-disks for a linux
      distribution of your choice. personally, for a very
      old laptop like this i might suggest slackware.

      if your cdrom drive were working correctly, then ANY
      bootable cdrom should work with it, imho. you would
      not need some special floppy to _activate_ it since
      you also mentioned that your BIOS was up-to-date also.

      there are many other ways to go about getting linux
      installed. if you are trying to work with the cdrom
      and it is a failing-piece-of-hardware, then you will
      not have any success.

      good luck, h.

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