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Re: Senao MiniPCI (was: Inspiron 8500, TrueMobile 1150 MiniPCI card)

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  • Michael C.
    Dave - fyi, I ve installed this successfully (NL/EL/SL-2511CD minipci card). Works great under Linux with wlan-ng drivers on 2.4.20-19.* kernel on RH9.
    Message 1 of 7 , Sep 27, 2003
      Dave - fyi,

      I've installed this successfully (NL/EL/SL-2511CD minipci card).
      Works great under Linux with wlan-ng drivers on 2.4.20-19.* kernel on RH9.

      WindowsXP stability remains to be seen - I've had it totally lock up
      my i8500; however I have been playing with slightly different prism
      drivers since then and it hasn't crashed since then. Yes, it has a
      160mW transmit-power, adjustible via iwconfig (although my wlan-ng
      compilation doesn't support this Tx adjustability) :)

      btw, purchase it from www.netgate.com - they have a cheaper price and
      seemingly good support from what I read.

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      <daevid@d...> wrote:
      > i know you probably don't want to hear this, but you might check out
      > this real-man's card:
      > http://shop.store.yahoo.com/westcoastmicro/12mera80mica.html
      > :D
      > 160mW baby! Prism 2.5 chipset.
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      > Subject: [linux-dell-laptops] Inspiron 8500, TrueMobile 1150 MiniPCI
      > card
      > So upon the recommendation of several people, I bought the 1150
      > MiniPCI card for my 8500, since those morons at Broadcom won't release
      > specs for the 1300 chipset for a Linux driver. And Dell, in their
      > infinite wisdom, has made the auxiliary antenna cable about 1
      > centimeter too short to connect to the connector on the wireless card.
      > My question: What's the implication of running without the aux
      > connector connected? It works with just the main connector, but I
      > have no feel for the range or error rate, and nothing to compare it
      > against. The numbers coming out of 'iwconfig' are pretty cryptic. I
      > have no idea if 26/92 is good, bad, or what.
      > Has anyone else managed to get an 1150 into an 8500, and get it
      > connected? Does anyone know the magic clue-by-four to beat Dell with
      > to get them to replace the aux antenna wire, or a nifty trick for
      > extending it?
      > And I especially appreciated the Dell dude telling me 8 times that the
      > 1150 doesn't fit, but the 1300 would work under Windows, in spite of
      > me telling him 9 times that I could care less about Windows.
      > Anyone got Michael Dells cell phone number?
      > --John
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