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Re: RH80 Xfree i8100 w/g4go PLEASE HELP!

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  • sd09usdi
    ... Hello, thanks for responding. ... the ... external CRT ... No BIOS option to do that for me. I ve checked several times. For some reason Dell must think
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 27, 2002
      --- In linux-dell-laptops@y..., Chris Howells <chrish@g...> wrote:
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      > Hi,

      Hello, thanks for responding.

      > On Wednesday 27 November 2002 8:00 am, sd09usdi wrote:
      > > I have an inspiron 8100 1GHz P3m 512MB RAM with a Geforce4 440 Go
      > > 64MB on an SXGA+ (1400x1050) 15" screen. This card works
      > > wonderfully in Win2k/XP.
      > I've got an i2650 with the same screen.
      > >
      > > The card does output video when in X w/nvidia drivers but only to
      > > the external monitor port (DB15). This leads me to believe that
      > <snip>
      > > (WW) NVIDIA(0): No connected displays detected; assuming 1 CRT
      > >
      > > Which seems to indicate that there may be a way to force it to
      > > use the LCD.
      > On my machine, you can set this in the BIOS. Maybe it's set to
      external CRT
      > only, but XP somehow forces it to use the LCD.

      No BIOS option to do that for me. I've checked several times. For
      some reason Dell must think that if they provide the fewest user
      changeable parameters possible, all users will be cool with that.

      > > different modelines for 1400x1050 and several different h/v
      > You don't need modelines for the NVidia drivers.

      Desparate times sir. Grasping for anything at this point. I've
      tried it without then with, then without. Doesn't seem to matter.

      > > settings I've seen for the SXGA+ screen equipped i8100s from
      > > linux-laptop.net. None seem to work. And yet when I use the
      > > driver I get video on the LCD! Granted it's 16 bit 1280x1024
      but it
      > Intriguing... maybe the BIOS isn't set wrong afterall.
      > > at least it should prove that what I'm asking is possible. And
      > > also tried lesser resolutions and lesser color depths with the
      > > driver. All cause the lcd to end up in the terrible blackness
      > Have you tried dumping your XF86Config, and using somebody elses
      known working
      > one? There's one on http://developer.kde.org/~howells/inspiron.

      That url doesn't work. I just tried it (~10:45am).

      Yes. I've tried every single one of the configurations listed for
      i8100s on linux-laptop.net as they have them. Even when it made
      very little sense to do so.

      The fact that I'm getting video out of one port, I would think,
      indicates that the config file is set up correctly in all ways.
      Except for the possibility of a special modeline, v/h settings
      for the lcd, and an option to tell X to not assume a CRT is
      connected or to force it to believe an LCD is connected regardless
      of what it thinks it detected or not.

      I'm not convinced that the settings for the LCD are incorrect though.
      Especially since if all I change in the config file is from nvidia to
      vesa and uncomment DRI and comment glx the lcd works.

      It seems to all point to X assuming a CRT because ddcprobe failed
      on the display probe. I don't want X assuming this...how to turn it

      Thanks again for your response.


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