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RE: [linux-dell-laptops] NTFS support Redhat 7.1 Inspiron 8200

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  • Thomas Applegate
    Hmm, when that happened with me...(Took me close to 20 tries to get it to work) I realized that I had to run lilo after I made the .bzimage and remember to
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      Hmm, when that happened with me...(Took me close to 20 tries to get it
      to work) I realized that I had to run lilo after I made the .bzimage and
      remember to move the file as a bzimage and not as a vmlinuz bzimage is
      for larger kernels. Also, you will want to keep your old kernel to boot
      from incase you mess up. What you do first is put the bzimage into the
      boot directory then make sure the lines in lilo.conf are set up then run
      /sbin/lilo and you should be able to boot. I do not remember the exact
      settings for my dell but I do know that I can quickly compile my kernel
      now. I just look at the options and see what I want, need, and don't
      need. Just remember compiling kernels are fun. Look at it like a game
      and not as a project you'll be able to compile it faster. Oh and use
      your gut and trust your sixth instinct you'll get it no problem. LOL


      Thomas Applegate
      President TerroristsClan.org

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      Subject: [linux-dell-laptops] NTFS support Redhat 7.1 Inspiron 8200

      Recently set up Linux on an Inspiron 8200 to dual boot with XP Pro
      using V-Com SystemCommander v7. I struggled through some video and X-
      Windows issues initially but got them all resolved. Linux runs and
      the screen looks GREAT with the NVIDIA driver at 1600x1200.

      What I'm trying to do now is mount my NTFS partition in Linux. It
      seems that NTFS support is not built into the kernel by default so I
      am attempting to complie a kernel with NTFS support.

      I am a SysAdmin at a mid-sized company and consider myself fairly
      computer literate although I am admittedly new to Linux, but I have
      been absolutely unsuccessful at building a custom kernel that will
      boot on this machine despite all the books, FAQs and HowTos. The
      kernel from the installation works just fine, but any kernel that I
      compile freezes every time.

      Since the original kernel from the install works, is there any way
      that I can determine what configuration options that was built with
      so that I can attempt to build a duplicate and see if that works. If
      it did, then I could track specific changes I make and determine
      which ones are causing boot problems.

      Failing that, can anyone give some guidance in selecting appropriate
      options for an Inspiron 8200?


      Brian Miller
      Spec-Temp, Inc.

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