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Re: [linux-dell-laptops] Guarantee

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  • Damon Davison
    Dell has excellent support. You shouldn t rely on e-mail support, though. In my experience, the responses are crap. Call them. Your problems could be due to
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 5, 2002
      Dell has excellent support. You shouldn't rely on e-mail support, though. In
      my experience, the responses are crap. Call them.

      Your problems could be due to a bad OS installation, so it seems reasonable
      for them to try a reinstall over the phone. People lie to tech support all
      the time (believe me), so they simply do not trust anyone to do things right
      (or at all). If they are not able to solve your problems over the phone,
      then they will consider more expensive options like on-site pickup, etc.
      This is how technical support works--nothing unusual there. With your
      problems you might as well humor them, or call back later and hope they
      ignore their notes.

      I've had a new DVD Drive sent to me and the touchpad replaced on my Inspiron
      8k. I tried to get both taken care of per e-mail, but the phone turned out
      to be the quicker option. Both times they wanted be to run the Dell
      Diagnostics, which is a real pain because I run Redhat and do not dual boot
      (oh ye of little faith!). So out comes the DOS boot disk and the modular

      I bought mine as a staff member at a university, so I have the 3-year Premiere
      Support Package: on-site next business day, etc. Still, I have to go through
      the motions.

      Buena Suerte / Boa Sorte


      On Sunday 04 August 2002 11:21, Sergio Dominguez wrote:
      > hi all!
      > I would like to know if anyone has ever used DELL support service and how
      > does it works.
      > I am having problems with my laptop, the diskette does not work, Norton
      > antivirus neither and when I switch off the computer (in win) sometimes it
      > gets hunged (with a black screen and a little white cursor on the top left
      > corner).
      > I sent an email request... no answer.
      > I called by phone (one of those expensive phones...) and they told me that
      > they wante to reinstall everything by phone. Obviously I have already done
      > that, and I told him. But the guy told me that it was the only thing I can
      > do. Actually I bought the guarantee that they pick it up in my house and
      > stuff, but they do not look to care that much about that.
      > Has anyone had similar problems??
      > Cheers
      > Sergio


      Damon Davison
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