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Re: Linux Mandrake 8.2

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  • ranxerox2
    Look under the Generic section when choosing monitor.....choose Generic Flatpanel XXXX x XXXX ......for my 8100 i used Generic Flatpanel 1400 x
    Message 1 of 2 , May 29, 2002
      Look under the 'Generic' section when choosing monitor.....choose
      'Generic Flatpanel XXXX x XXXX'......for my 8100 i used 'Generic
      Flatpanel 1400 x 1050'.....depending on your flatpanel it may or may
      not be a hassle getting it to run at native resolution w/o nvidia
      drivers, your modelines in xfconfig4 file may get messed up........i
      recommend installing nvidia drivers right after install.......just
      have them ready on a cd and when you get to xfree config, just select
      your monitor, set your native res, but don't test config and don't
      startx either, just reboot and then install nvidia drivers at command
      line...startx and your there..........

      --- In linux-dell-laptops@y..., "uf_gator_surfer" <bensomogyi@h...> wrote:
      > I've been running Linux Mandrake 8.0 and was trying to reinstall with
      > 8.2. The entire setup goes fine, but when it gets to the X
      > configuration step, I cannot find a monitor that works. I've tried
      > several, and none of them display properly. If I finish installation
      > and boot, everything is distorted. I was wondering if there was any
      > one that has installed LM 8.2 on a Inspiron 8000 with a Ge Force 2 Go
      > video card, and could clue me on a monitor to choose with the default
      > drivers that are installed by the setup? I'm eventually gonna get
      > NVIDIA's drivers, but I just wanted to get X up temporarily. Thanks!
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