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[linux-dell-laptops] Re: SCSI detection on LatitudeXP 4100C

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  • skumar@kent.edu
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    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 24, 1999
      la-@... wrote:
      original article:http://www.egroups.com/group/linux-dell-laptops/?start
      > Hello all! I just purchased an "old" Dell Latitude XP 4100C laptop
      > with a port replicator. I wanted to install linux on this machine for
      > remote administration of my home LAN. Supposedly, the port replicator
      > has a Future Domain 9C50 SCSI host adapter and an SMC 91C92 ethernet
      > adaptor. When I boot the machine up, the SCSI bus is scanned and my
      > external SCSI CD-ROM is listed. When I go to install RedHat 6.0,
      > however, and select the Future Domain 950/9C50 SCSI adapter for CD-ROM
      > install access, the auto-probe fails. For a sanity check, I went
      > through the initial stages of a Windows NT install, and the SCSI
      > adapter and CD-ROM were detected correctly. Am I doing something
      > in this scenario? Has anyone else had any luck doing an install from
      > CD-ROM that was attached to the port replicator's SCSI connector?
      > Thanks a bunch!
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