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Re: [linux-dell-laptops] Powering screen down after a time on a Inspiron 8100

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  • Sanyu
    ... Try using Fn+D Regards Sanyu
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 19, 2002
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      El mar, 26-03-2002 a las 23:39, Jasper Potts escribió:
      > I have a Inspiron 8100 with the ATI Radeon graphics. I am in the process if setting it up with Linux (Redhat 7.2 + Ximian + Latest Updates). I have most things working but just trying to work out power management.
      > I like to leave my laptop on overnight if I have any big downloads to do. With windows the screen is powered down after a few minutes and other things like the harddisk are powered down when idle. Some of the advantages of this are to preserve the life of the LCD back-light and to keep the laptop cooler(ie. no fan,so no noise).
      > Any suggestion to sort this greatly received.
      > Many Thanks
      > Jasper Potts
      Try using Fn+D
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