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  • Nels Tomlinson
    I have just had the same problem with an Inspiron 3200. I got a 6G drive from a third party to replace my 3G original. Here are a couple of thoughts: First,
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      I have just had the same problem with an Inspiron 3200. I got a 6G
      drive from a third party to replace my 3G original. Here are a couple
      of thoughts:

      First, as someone already mentioned, this could void your warrenty.
      Dell might say that your replacing the harddrive with one they didn't
      sell you relieves them of responsibility for fixing your broken hinge.
      I'm dealing with that by keeping my old drive until the machine is out
      of warrenty.

      Second, finding the right replacement: you could buy a raw harddrive
      rather cheaply. Although I'm not sure, I gather that any 2.5 in HD
      should work if the height is right. You might want to look at yours
      before you buy to see whether you'd be comfortable with dismounting the
      old drive from its sled, unplugging the old connector and plugging in
      the new, etc. And God help you if the old and new are on left and right
      sides, respectively.... I bought one premounted on the appropriate
      drive sled, which cost rather more. After popping the old one out and
      looking at the thing, that seemed the way to go.

      Third, get one that is at least as fast as your original. They all seem
      to be 4200 rpm, but some have the older, slower interfaces and some
      don't. I got one that uses the ATA/4 interface, which my little
      inspiron seems to support. This seems to be a bit faster than the
      original, since I'm getting better throughput using a journaling
      filesystem on the new than I did with e2fs on the old. This may just be
      the new os though.

      To check performance, try man hdparm (? I think?) for info on how to
      measure, and check/set parameters.

      I can't remember where I bought mine, but I found it by searching
      through mysimon, using the search string "inspiron 3200 drive". The
      equivalent for you should work, on some shopping agent. I don't like
      mysimon, since it won't work if you don't enable images, but it found me
      a cheaper price than Dell.

      By the way, I got a Procom, and am quite happy with it. It came with
      good instructions, has a good drive in the sled ( I think it was a
      Toshiba, they used to be ok anyway) and works nicely so far.

      Hope this helps,

      > Craig:
      > First of all Dell does not manufacture hard drives, so there is no such
      > thing as a "Dell hard drive". As well, I do have a Toshiba hard drive I used
      > in my machine (not from Dell) and it worked flawlessly.
      > Very Respectfully,
      > Stuart Blake Tener, IT3, USNR-R, N3GWG
      > NCTAMS PAC DET 219
      > stuart@...
      > west coast: (310)-358-0202 P.O. Box 16043, Beverly Hills, CA 90209-2043
      > east coast: (215)-338-6005 P.O. Box 45859, Philadelphia, PA 19149-5859
      > Telecopier: (419)-715-6073 fax to email gateway via www.efax.com (it's
      > free!)
      > Friday, October 06, 2000 4:45 AM
      > Hi,
      > I have a used Dell laptop (Latitude cp 233 Mhx) on which I want to
      > install Linux. My initial problem is simply that the hard drive is a
      > bit small (at around 2 gig) to have both Windows and Linux. Dell says
      > to ONLY use a Dell replacement hard drive. Can anyone tell me if this
      > is correct? I can find Maxtor and IMB branded notebook harddrives at
      > a parts store a lot cheaper. Could I use one of these instead?
      > Craig Hagerman
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