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Re: [linux-dell-laptops] hda: lost interrupt & random crashes - but not APM-related (I think)

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  • Justin Ellison
    If you re getting a primary hard disk not found error , that message is coming from the BIOS. It doesn t depend on what O/S or bootloader you re using,
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 27, 2002
      If you're getting a "primary hard disk not found error", that message is
      coming from the BIOS. It doesn't depend on what O/S or bootloader
      you're using, because it can't even find the hard drive. In my hardware
      experience, this indicates that either your HD is about to crap out, or
      your IDE port on the motherboard isn't working right.

      Personally, I would call Dell and tell them that. If possible, make a
      backup ASAP - your data sounds like it's in imminent danger.

      I think that if you boot off of the Dell provided CD's, one of them is a
      hardware diagnostic tool. Run through all the tests regarding
      motherboard and Hard drives. If you get an error from that, call Dell,
      and they will ship out new parts.


      On Wed, 2002-02-27 at 10:40, arthurdri wrote:
      > This is not strictly a Linux problem (I think it is more fundamental
      > than that), but it does occur in Linux.
      > I have a Inspiron 8000 running RH 7.0 (kernel 2.2.16) and Win2k.
      > (Yes, sadly, I do need Windows for some things.) It has been crashing
      > sporadically for months now, but the frequency has been increasing.
      > Of course, the problem is intermittent - it may crash frequently for a
      > day or two, and then be fine for days or weeks. Symptoms include:
      > * "primary hard disk not found" error on initial boot, before it
      > gets to loading BootMagic (the boot manager I'm using)
      > * "invalid hard disk ID" error on resume after suspending Windows -
      > it directs me to reinstall the correct hard drive
      > * BSODs with various errors (most often a KERNEL_STACK_INPAGE_ERROR)
      > at random times, both when I'm using the machine and when it is
      > sitting idle, often preceded by the machine partially freezing and
      > turning the hard drive light on
      > * "hda: lost interrupt" in Linux - sometimes after resuming from a
      > suspend, but also sometimes when I'm working (I tried uncommenting the
      > appropriate hdparm lines in /etc/sysconfig/apmd, but that generated a
      > whole lot of errors on resume)
      > The "primary hard disk not found" message and the fact that I'm having
      > problems in two OSes leads me to believe that it is a hardware
      > problem, such as a bad connection or a controller going wonky.
      > Diagnostics don't turn up a problem with the drive, but when the
      > system is working, it is working fine and when it crashes, it isn't
      > working and I can't run a diagnostic. I have tried taking the hard
      > drive back out and reinstalling it, but that didn't help.
      > I contacted Dell, but after getting an automated reply about
      > troubleshooting in Win98 and WinME (um, I have Win2k), I finally got a
      > response from a real technician who said "It's an OS problem, we don't
      > support dual-boot systems, wipe the hard drive and reinstall just
      > Windows." I'm about to try to extract some more information out of
      > them since I really don't want to have to reinstall everything unless
      > I have to, but has anyone ever had this problem? It is possible that
      > I have some wonky configuration in Linux and some totally independent
      > wonky configuration in Windows that is causing this? (Can APM
      > problems cause "hda: lost interrupt" at times other than
      > suspend/resume?)
      > Thanks for any suggestions.
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