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Re: APMD on an Inspiron 5000e (constant kernel panics&crashes)

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  • crosby@qwes.math.cmu.edu
    ... get ... that Lucent s ... with it. I, ... can t say for ... I just nuked windows immediately and popped in a debian CD. I don t use the modem much. As I
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 23, 2000
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      --- In linux-dell-laptops@egroups.com, "Timothy R. Butler"
      <tbutler@u...> wrote:
      > e got my ethernet card working, I think I'm about 15 minutes from
      > > getting my wavlan card working. I'm pround of myself. I'd love to
      > > sound functioning, and getting the modem working would be absolute
      > > gravy.
      > If you bought it with the internal modem (like I just did), I hear
      that Lucent's
      > Linmodem driver (linked to at http://www.linmodems.org ) will work
      with it. I,
      > myself, haven't resized my Windows partition yet to fit Linux, so I
      can't say for
      > sure...

      I just nuked windows immediately and popped in a debian CD. I don't
      use the modem much. As I have the linksys functioning, and expect to
      have X and the wavlan working in a few days.. (OH, tip for everyone
      for sound support. The Maestro driver runs as-is, and runs well, I
      might add.) The only critical driver issue left is to keep apmd from
      crashing the kernel.
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