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please help! Problem with linux and windows on Inspiron4100

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  • Nicole Gabler
    Hi All, I have a problem after installing Suse Linux 7.x on my Inspiron4100 (with WindowsXP) and I hope for your help. First I made two partitions on the hard
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 6, 2002
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      Hi All,
      I have a problem after installing Suse Linux 7.x on my Inspiron4100 (with WindowsXP) and I hope for your help.
      First I made two partitions on the hard disk drive. The first (primary) partition was formated with Fat32. On this partition WindowsXP was installed. After that, I installed Suse Linux 7.2 in the second (extended) partition by creating several logical devices for /boot, /, /usr, /home etc... After installing Linux, the rest of the extended partition was formated with NTFS, where all my data is (was) saved. I didn't like the partitioning of Linux, so I decided to repartition it and to install Suse Linux 7.3. I thought that it should be possible to repartition the logical devices of Linux without touching the NTFS device but it didn't work (with YAST1). The device is still there, but it can't be read by Windows. It is recognized as "unknown NTFS device".
      But I badly need the data on this device, so hopefully you can help me with this problem!?!
      Thanks in advance,
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