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Latitude D400 DSDT editing for Speedstep

Hello. I am looking for someone who can help me to edit my DSDT in order to get Speedstep working with acpi-cpufreq kernel driver. Or at the very least,
Dec 6, 2013

D400 Speedstep with acpi-cpufreq bios A08.

Does anyone know how to get acpi-cpufreq working with the A08 bios for a Dell Latitude D400 using Slackware 13.37 Kernel 2.6.39? Also I am interested in
Dec 6, 2013

USB Ethernet Adapter

I have a Dell XPS M1210 running Linux Centos 5. I am trying to install a USB Ethernet Adapter as I need a second Ethernet connection. My primary Ethernet
Mar 26, 2013

Re: hello

http://jaraganahallishivashankar.in/wp-content/fresh.php?orkeaglf709ci ________________________ You don't have many suspects who are innocent of a crime.
gudavalli ramesh babu
Mar 20, 2013

Re: Dell 1501 new hard drive

you will have no problem. Just curious why you would such a small 160GB drive, i'd say 350 or 500 is the minimal amount these days. p.
Peter Teuben
Aug 12, 2012

Dell 1501 new hard drive

I fitted a 160 GB fujistu harddrive to my 1501 ready to install opensuse 12.1 ( a virus killed windows on it, Ahh an excuse to fit a bigger one) I am wondering
Aug 12, 2012

Re: linux on m6500 precision

... You found at least one here. :) ... What a machine! Congratulations for this purchase! ... This is possible, but I remember that most of free software on
Alexandre Lymberopoulos
May 8, 2012

Re: linux on m6500 precision

I have no experience with 64-bit systems, but I suggest that you obtain a .iso of your favorite Linux distro. Let your PC boot to the DVD and run in Live mode
May 8, 2012

Re: dell missing cmos battery wont let me boot to linux

Does the password box appear during the POST? If yes, you need to remove the CMOS battery to clear the password. Replace the battery and POST should complete.
May 8, 2012

Re: Which Linux To Use ?

Ubuntu is very easy to install and has a good forum at http://ubuntuforums.org that will have the answers all ready to any problems or questions you would
Nov 1, 2011

Which Linux To Use ?

Hello Everyone, My name is James and I live in the UK. I have recently got hold of a Dell Latitude C600 laptop and was wondering what distribution of Linux is
Nov 1, 2011

dell missing cmos battery wont let me boot to linux

I have a dell laptop 8600 Inspiron the passwords comes up its old i got it from a estate sale. they had no idea of what was going on with the laptop and sold
Daniel Griffin
Aug 29, 2011

Dell studio

I have just acquired a Dell Studio PP33L that I want to use as my first Linix machine but it don't work. I'm unable to get it turned on. Have the normal power
Aug 14, 2011

Dell inspiron 15 (5030) No external audio out in linux

Hi all I cant get any audio out of the headphone jack in linux, FED FC14. It is functional in win7 #:((( The sound card is Intel HDA Are there any fixes for
Apr 14, 2011

Cricket Wireless Internet on Ubyntu 10.10

I have a Dell Inspiron 1526 laptop running Ubuntu 10.10. It recognized and set up the modem with no problem and witout downloading ant drivers or software. it
Dec 30, 2010
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