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972SCSI interface/ Networking with I7500 & Mandrake

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  • hmzayyan@hotmail.com
    Sep 7, 2000
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      Hi All

      System: inspiron 7500 ( P-III, 700 Mhz, software dvd,
      running both win98 and Mandrake 7.1 )

      And I have an HP External CD-RW drive connected to my Home PC , that
      drive cost me a pretty penny, hence i want to know is there a way to
      be able to use the CD-Writer with my Inspiron notebook as well ??

      can anybody out there advise me with the best way to do that ? which
      is more feasible/Possible :

      1- Buy a networking pcmci card for the inspiron, Network it with my
      PC and then use the CD-RW drive ?? - i already have a NIC in the PC -
      If so, do u recommend any particular card brand that would work well
      with Mandrake ?


      2- Is there any kind of SCSI interfaces that i can get for the
      inspiron and connect it directly to the SCSI chain ?! that would also
      work with linux ofcoure , If there are any , does Dell sell them ?
      Any help would be appreciated :-)

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