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971Simultaneous LCD/CRT display on Dell CPx-H?

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  • srlnrow@alpha.gns.cri.nz
    Sep 6, 2000
      Can anyone help me get *simultaneous* display of the LCD screen and
      an external monitor on a Dell Latitude CPx-H laptop that's running
      Dell-installed RedHat Linux 6.1? The keyboard function key for
      toggling the display will switch from LCD to external, but will not
      do both together.

      This seems to be a driver thing, as I have set up the machine to dual-
      boot to Windows 98 and under that OS, the function key switches
      through three states (internal, external, and both). I was surprised
      to find that this did not work "out of the box" with Dell's Linux

      The CPx-H is purported to have an ATI Mobility M1 video controller
      and Linux is using the XF86_Mach64 driver. The XFree86 stuff is

      I've read stuff in this group and other places about dual-display on
      laptops, but these seemed to be related to the NeoMagic driver -
      which is/was used on other Dell models?

      Does anyone have simultaneous LCD/CRT display going on the CPx-H?

      Roger Williams, Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences, New