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9067Re: Battery Life discrepancies

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  • zdimcovic
    Jan 1, 2002
      Thanks for your repsonses !

      I assumed that it is a way to manage the battery ... the point
      is that in WinXP this does *not* happen (sorry I did not make this
      clear). If it is still BIOS then WinXP must be doing something very
      ... 'specific' (since it maintains the brightness) ?

      I am not really very worried about it, have more immediate concerns
      ("LinkSys Etherfast" card's modem, mounting the CD-RW), but still
      wanted to clarify the statement for other people who may be reading
      this. (I have not tried to change this in BIOS though ...)
      It is most likely possible to change this behaviour, it looks like
      that arguments (to apmd) "change power" or "change battery" affect
      this (at the moment ... I consider the battery functional)

      Regarding the original posting: I consistently get 5 min difference
      in estimates when it runs on battery or on external power (with
      battery it shows 5 min less). This could have something to do with
      the above mentioned apmd's features ?

      --- In linux-dell-laptops@y..., jacquesclouseau@y... wrote:
      > On Tue, 01 Jan 2002 06:27:15 -0000, you wrote:
      > >Pulling the plug caused a (scary) drop in display's brightness,
      > >and the estimate drops to 2:48 (and the brightness stays lower).
      > It's set up to do that -- it's a power-saving feature, to make the
      > last longer. You can change it in the BIOS, if you want, but
      you'll pay on
      > battery life.
      > Jacques
      > jacquesclouseau@y...
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