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770Re: Fan on Latitude

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  • stuart blake tener
    Jun 30, 2000
      To whom it shall concern:

      I have not had time to check this out, but I understand there is a
      "fan test" in the diagnostic utilities that come with any Dell
      portable. Perhaps some is going to decompile that software, and let
      all know how to control the fan?

      Do you not think this would be a solution?

      --- In linux-dell-laptops@egroups.com, steve cassidy
      <steve.cassidy@m...> wrote:
      > To follow up with a few findings on the fan. I was running with the
      > laptop in the docking station, lid closed under the monitor since I
      > was using an external keyboard (because of the control key). I've
      > today brought it out again and I'm using the laptop keyboard -- the
      > fan hasn't come on yet after five hours or normal use!
      > So, it seems that the machine will run cool enough under linux to
      > need the fan under normal loads. I do remember though that if the
      > does turn on it won't turn off again.
      > A message on one of the dell forums for the Latitude mentioned that
      > the BIOS controls the fan and uses some kind of look-up table to
      > decide based on the cpu temperature and the power management
      > whether to turn the fan on or not. I wonder if, under linux, the
      > is getting a chance to do this or whether it is somehow getting in
      > way.
      > FYI I've found reference to a couple of utilities to help run cooler
      > under windows, they send HLT instructions to the CPU when idle,
      > LInux is supposed to do by itself. Look at, eg:
      > http://www.heatsink-guide.com/cpuidle.htm
      > Steve Cassidy
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