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  • McDonnell, Stephen
    Sep 11, 2001
      Hello, I wanted to take a moment and introduce my self. My name is Stephen
      McDonnell in sunny central Florida. I own a Inspiron 5000e (P3-700,
      192mb,5gb,16m ATI, UXGA) and I recently installed RH7.1. I'm quite new to
      Linux and looking forward to the day when I'm more competent and can hold my
      own in a Linux discussion :P.

      I spent quite a bit of time last night reading some old post's but man there
      are just so many of them :) No one by chance has compiled them into one
      file or so have they?

      I don't want to hit everyone up for info too early but I figure I'll give
      this some time to simmer. Like many people with the UXGA screen I can't get
      me resolution to work properly, I get 1400x1050 but with a nice multicolored
      band on the right hand side about 2 inches thick. I tried using the
      X86config (think that's how it's spelled) fixes people have posted with no
      luck. Does anyone have the RPM that supposedly Dell released for this? I
      searched their sight for an hour last night and got rpm's for almost
      everything else :( Right now I have a 100% fresh install so I'm working
      from scratch.

      If no one has the RPM, could some VERY kind soul tell me what needs to be
      changed and HOW TO change the config file to make this work. Like I said I
      tried editing it but am unsure if I changed the right things or not.


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