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6141Re: [linux-dell-laptops] Partitioning issues

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  • Raymond Laia
    Sep 1, 2001
      jan.glaescher@... wrote:
      > However, as I already have a WinME partition which is /dev/hda1 (or
      > drive C:) I used the PHDISK utility by DELL to create an S2D partition
      > as /dev/hda4.

      Hallo Jan,
      I don't know wether I8100 has another spec as I8000. But DELL says
      (http://supprot.dell.com) the utility you need for I8000 is D5788807.exe
      and not phdisk as you wrote!!! This utility creates a boot disk, which
      creates s2d partition on your harddisk. I used it successfully.

      The steps I did:

      1. Create s2d disk from the utility above.
      2. Delete all partitions
      3. Boot from s2d disk and create s2d partition
      4. Boot a linux boot disk and create further partitions with linux fdisk
      5. Done

      The order I have:

      /dev/hda1 s2d (hidden c:)
      /dev/hda2 Windows ME
      /dev/hda5 swap
      /dev/hda6 /
      /dev/hda7 /home

      Raymond Laia

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