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6138Re: Partitioning issues

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  • jan.glaescher@gmx.net
    Sep 1, 2001
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      Ok, I found a way that works very easily for me and I want to supply
      this in case other encounter similar partitioning questions.

      The reordering of partitions in the partition table can done via
      Linux's fdisk: In it's expert mode it has an options to fix the order
      of the partition table. This simply reorders the partitions according
      to their position on the disk. It preserves all partition boundaries.
      (This cannot be accomplished through deletition and recreation of
      partitions even though the sector boundaries are entered as before)

      After this operation WinME (which at this point (pre-Linux
      installation) is still booted via the active flag in the partition
      table) is still able to boot. Therefore I have the s2d partition now
      as /dev/hda1 starting with cylinder 1, just as Steve recommended in
      the FAQ.

      So, to summarize the procedure:

      (1) Resize Windows partition to the desired size and move it back a
      little bit to clear some space for the s2d partition in front of it.

      (2) Create a temporary Fat32 partition with all the disk space behind
      the Windows partition (this forces phdisk to put its partition in the
      remaining slot before the Windows partition)

      (3) Use the appropriate tools to create the s2d partition (phdisk seem
      to work for the i8.1k). [Now you should have your Windows partition
      as /dev/hda1 and your s2d partition as /dev/hda2]

      (4) Delete the temporary FAT32 partition at the end of the disk

      (5) Boot into Linux (I used SuSE's rescue system) and change the
      partition order through Linux's fdisk (expert mode, command f). This
      should give you your s2d partition as /dev/hda1 (starting cyl1) and
      your Windows partition as /dev/hda2, just where they should be. Make
      sure that the active flag is now set to /dev/hda2 (Windows)

      (6) Check that Windows is stil able to boot and go about about
      installing Linux (That's waht I am going to do now).

      Thanks for the quick comments last night.

      --- In linux-dell-laptops@y..., jan.glaescher@g... wrote:
      > Hi all,
      > I just got a new i8100 --- great machine as it seems on the first
      > glance. Now I am down to partitioning the drive and I need some
      > ...
      > I used Partition Magic 7 to change the WinME partition and moved it
      > back a little bit to create some space for an S2D partition as
      > /dev/hda1 as it was strongy recommend in the brilliant FAQ by Steve
      > (Thanks very much for putting all that information together!!!)
      > I decided to use PM7 despite all the objections that have been
      > because to me it seems that fips only creates new partitions at the
      > back of an existing one and is also not able to move partitions
      > around.
      > However, as I already have a WinME partition which is /dev/hda1 (or
      > drive C:) I used the PHDISK utility by DELL to create an S2D
      > as /dev/hda4.
      > (It first created it at the very far end of the disk, but I forced
      > into the slot at that I reserved for the S2D partition at the
      > beginning ot the disk by temporarily creating a FAT32 partition with
      > the rest of the disk --- the PHDISK wil put it's partition in the
      > remaining slot)
      > Now the question:
      > -----------------
      > Does anyone in the group know, how to change the order of the
      > partitions (or drive letters repsectively)?
      > Here is what I came up with:
      > (1) I could format the S2D partition temporarily as FAT32 (which is
      > then assigned the letter D:) and use PM7's drive mapper to remap C:
      > D: and vice versa. Then, use Linux fdisk to change the type of the
      > S2D partition type back to a0 (IBM Thinkpad hibernation). Does
      > anybody have experience with this? Will WinME be still able to
      > (Because I am trying to avoid all the hassles of reinstalling WinME
      > again)
      > (2) I could write down the partition boundaries ofthe WinME
      > and then delete it with Linux fdisk (so that there is NO partition
      > left on the drive). Then create the S2D partition first
      > with the type a0 and then in a second step recreate the WinME
      > partition with the same boundaries as before (=/dev/hda2 now).
      > the question: Does anybody have experience with this, especially if
      > booting WinME is still possible after the deletion and recreation of
      > Fat32 (LBA) partition?
      > Thanks or your suggestions,
      > Jan
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