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5984Re: Dell cancelling Linux on desktop and laptop systems.

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  • Sunny Dubey
    Aug 21, 2001
      Dell's little thing with Linux is all BS,
      heres why ...

      Dell is a mega-corporation, which means one thing and ONLY one thing, need
      MUST make money and lots of it.

      Lets see now ....

      Supporting WIndows is pretty easy. Beacause most people know how to use it,
      and it generally works well for whatever the average joe wants to do.
      Windows == Cheap/Easy Support

      Supporting Linux is pretty hard. Because most people don't know how to use
      it, and you normally have to take a few extra steps to get things to work on
      it. And linux sucks even more because the average joe *can't* do many things
      on it. (quick time movies, major commerical games, etc) (additionally out
      sourcing your linux support to companies like Redhat or linuxcare makes you
      look bad because then it shows your company isn't smart enough to do linux in
      the first place.)
      Linux == Hard/Expensive Support

      When Dell and their ODM's go out to create the next generation computer
      system, those computer systems are tested to work ONLY with Microsoft. Dell,
      and the ODM's they hire, don't give a damn about Linux or any other OS. So
      why would Dell waste time to support and OS, it didn't even support at the
      "creation level".

      Its all about business come to think of it. There never was much of demand
      for linux on the desktop/laptop. There must be a hundred thousand customers
      who purchased a dell system with windows, as opposed to the few hundred (not
      even?) who asked for linux. In this case, dell would be *losing* money,
      which is the last thing a mega corporation wants.

      I'm pretty sure the corporate execs (whores) at dell aren't blind either. If
      they see people like us giving grass root support for it, the last thing
      they'd want to do is take their time and thier money to support linux then.
      Linux has been very much community based, and it would suck a whole lot if it
      weren't. (The last thing we need is for IBM and SGI to be deciding which
      file system should be the defualt one in linux 3.0)

      Those are my two food stamps, and I'm always up for flames.

      Sunny Dubey

      PS: I'm also pretty damn sure Microsoft and Dell had something to do with
      this. Somewhere in the twisted turn of events, I'm pretty sure Dell got
      Microsoft products for cheaper than what they had when the did support Linux
      on the desktop/laptop.

      PPS: The server world is another story ...

      PPPS: the following link was posted on slashdot .. for those of you who
      didn't see it .. its pretty interesting ...

      PPPPS: for those of you, who were actually crazy enought to dowload the
      Solaris ISO's off of sun.com and try installing it on your laptop know
      exactly why support a totally weird OS doesn't make much sense. I tried, and
      got some pretty weird results, heh.
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