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5978Re: [linux-dell-laptops] Re: Dell cancelling Linux on desktop and laptop systems.

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  • Sunny Dubey
    Aug 21, 2001
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      On Tuesday 21 August 2001 05:24 pm, you wrote:


      a few things ...

      Buy your laptop with windows, in fact LEAVE it on your system as well. Yes
      you will have to pay Microsoft, and yes all the elite Linux users will call
      you a loser and whatnot, but who cares. By leaving windows2000/ME/xp on it,
      you will not only keep Dell's amazing technical support, but you will forever
      have something that works with just about the rest of the world. Sorry to
      say this, but there is much linux and the world of OSS has to do before you
      can truely kick windows out. I have a little 700 meg partition with win95
      and office97 on it, and lets not even get me started as to how many times
      that little install of windows has saved my life. (yes I do know of WINE,
      and I also know where it does and doesn't work)

      Always install linux YOURSELF. This lets you know exactly what happened, and
      what YOU did, not someone else. (it also lets you personalize, customize,
      tinker with, etc etc)

      Next, buy your Dell system with as LITTLE ram as possible. Dell is a total
      rip off with RAM. Additionally i've noticed that Crucial has cut laptop RAM
      prices buy half. The following link has the type of RAM for your specific


      hope that helps


      Sunny Dubey


      PS: as for the RAM thing .. you can always buy more ram for your system,
      just be careful when inserting and removing the RAM chips. The tech guy near
      my house doesn't care what I do with my system. I've added RAM, and new hard
      drive, stuck stickers, and drew all over my laptop, and he still doesn't give
      a damn. He still fixes it, no questions asked.

      PPS: As for Dell and Linux ... thats BS ...
      the only reason Dell even bothers with linux is because linux is popular ..
      and dell wants to be popular too. Dell is probably the BIGGEST microsoft
      dick sucker out there. (Excuse my language, I jsut can't think of a better
      term) Dell loves microsoft to the point where it makes people just sick.
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