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597Re: Red Hat 6.2 video problem on Dell Latitude CPx-H

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  • myl@unagi.cis.upenn.edu
    May 12 3:23 PM
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      --- In linux-dell-laptops@egroups.com, myl@u... wrote:
      > Short form: I suspect that trouble installing Red Hat Linux 6.2 on
      > a Latitude CPx-H is due to the fact that the agpgart.o module
      > was omitted from the Red Hat 6.2 kernel build. However, since a
      > update is kind of a pain, I would like to find out if this is true
      > or if there is some other problem.

      Shortly after posting this, I tried fiddling with XF86Config, and
      solved the problem.


      (1) The standard Red Hat 6.2 kernel is fine on the Dell Latitude
      CPX-H, no upgrade is needed.

      (2) Xconfigurator will produce an OK XF86Config for the Latitude
      CPx-H iff you tell it that the monitor is an LCD 1024 x 768.

      If you tell it "LCD 800 x 600" (which I thought was a safer option)
      then the result is screen snow and a hung machine.

      (3) The resulting XF86Config identifies the pointing device as a
      Microsoft mouse, which does not work. This has to be changed to a
      PS/2 mouse, device /dev/psaux.

      It would be nice if it just worked, or if Dell/Red Hat gave this small
      amount of information out on the web page where they explain how this
      machine is "Red Hat Ready."
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