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596800x600 resolution on i3700

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  • Luis M. Cruz
    May 12, 2000

      Has anybody got XFree to work at a resolution of 800x600 on an Inspiron
      3700 450GT? It works perfectly at 1024x768, but when I try 800x600 the
      computer hangs - it not even respond to pings.

      By the way... sometimes, after a random period of system running, suddenly
      system begins, at intervals, to not responding during one or two seconds. As
      time passes, those interruptions became more frequents, until system
      practically hangs after a few minutes... it's even imposible get the BIOS
      menus to pop up. If I suspend to disk before this ocurrs and I resume,
      everything come back to normality. Have anybody else suffered of this? I've
      A06 revision of BIOS.


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