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571New kernel doesn't work with vga=791 in lilo.conf!?

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  • Omi Chandiramani
    May 1, 2000
      Hi everyone..

      I have a Latitude CPx H500GT, with Redhat 6.0 installed. Earlier I
      having the aame X cofiguration problems that some others were
      having on this list and they were solved by adding the vga=791 line
      the lilo.conf (thanks to the kind soul who found that solution!). At
      this point I was using the 2.2.5 kernel that came with RH 6.0.

      So I decided to build a new kernel for my machine. I made sure to
      build the console drivers into the kernel so that I could still use
      the vga mode line. However this new kernel refuses to work with the
      same vga line. As soon as the boot process gets past the LILO: prompt
      the screen flickers and goes blank. If I remove the vga= from the
      lilo.conf it boots ok. Even vga=ask works but none of those options
      result in a mode that I can run X in. If I boot with the old kernel,
      which is the one that comes with RH 6.0, that accepts the vga=791 and
      still works.

      What am I doing wrong? Any ideas?