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5647Re: Dell cancelling Linux on desktop and laptop systems.

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  • Frank Sfalanga
    Aug 3, 2001
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      Oh, I agree. When I bought mine I struggled with the decision to
      purchase with Windows ME. I wanted RH Linux but the configurations
      they offered were with SXGA panels and I wanted a UXGA. They said
      they wouldn't sell me it with Linux - their engineers hadn't tested
      it yet. I ended up purchasing with Windows ME used FIPS to shrink
      the ME partition up to 2 gig, saved the S2D partition as is, and the
      rest of the 32 meg is now Mandrake 8.0. I never use the ME.

      Dell saying that Linux doesn't sell is stupid. They did everything
      they could to shoot themselves in the foot. They gave the customer
      the choice of crappy hardware with a great OS (Linux) or Great
      hardware with a crappy OS (Windows). The customers made the correct
      decision. The software can be changed much easier than the hardware,

      I could've bought other hardware from a different manufacturer. To
      be honest with you I bought ME from Dell because even though they
      didn't offer the Linux configuration that I wanted. THEY AT LEAST
      SUPPORTED LINUX ON THEIR HARDWARE! We vote with our wallets, right?

      As far as Eazel failing (as some articles mention) Dell didn't
      deliver the money. Pure and simple. They said they would support
      Eazel but when it came time to deliver the funds they bailed. I like
      Dell but I must say that I'm a little disappointed in their lack of
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