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5132Re: computer overheats

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  • stuart@bh90210.net
    Jul 5, 2001
      Linux Dell laptop users:

      I had a 7500 (have an 8000 now, which is significantly better on heat
      even with a 1GHz PIII) which literarlly was UNUSABLE in my lap, as it
      ran very very hot. Even when I had it on the table I was worried it
      would damage my table as well.

      However, I did notice that when run at a colocation facility it ran
      much faster. I have since decided to "environmentalize" a room in my
      apartment. I am planning to place humidity, air cleaning equipment,
      as well as an aircondition in. I am going to keep the temperature at
      65F while computers are running there.

      Beverly Hills, CA

      --- In linux-dell-laptops@y..., Joost Kremers <j.kremers@l...> wrote:
      > hi all,
      > > That is what I found in the Dell Knowledge Base:
      > i never knew there was such a thing as the dell knowledge base...
      thanks for
      > pointing this out to me!
      > as for my original problem: the designer of fMSX tells me the
      program uses a
      > lot of CPU cycles, which means the CPU cannot be put to "sleep".
      > it stays active, creating a lot of heat.
      > the dell diagnostics program tells me the fan is working perfectly.
      it also
      > says that the internal thermometer is working fine, but when i ran
      that test
      > the fan suddenly became active. don't know if that means
      anything... i can't
      > help but feel someone mixed up farenheit and celsius when they
      calibrated the
      > internal thermometer... :-)
      > anyway, thanks for the replies. although i'm still generating heat,
      at least
      > i know it's ok. sort of...
      > joost
      > --
      > Joost Kremers, M.A.
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      > a computer virus is a program that:
      > - spreads uncontrollably
      > - gets on your computer without you wanting it to
      > - causes unexpected system failures and data loss
      > pray tell, which part of this definition does *not* apply to
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