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5112Re: [linux-dell-laptops] computer overheats

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  • Marc Deichmann
    Jul 4, 2001
      Hi all!

      That is what I found in the Dell Knowledge Base:

      Why does my fan no longer run as often after flashing the BIOS on my
      Dell? Inspiron? 3700 or 3800 computer?

      After flashing the BIOS on an Inspiron 3700 or 3800 computer, the fan
      may no longer turn on as often and the system may feel warm to the

      The Inspiron 3700 BIOS (version A12 and higher) and the Inspiron 3800
      BIOS (version A11 and higher) were modified to reduce the occurrence of
      fan noise while still meeting the thermal cooling requirements. The
      system is operating as designed. If you feel your fan is
      malfunctioning, you can test the fan using the Dell Diagnostics.

      NOTE: For more information on performing diagnostics, refer to Dell
      Knowledge Base Article: FA1034504 "How do I run the Dell English

      For help with specifics on your Dell system, or additional
      troubleshooting support, search the Dell Support Web site at:
      http://support.dell.com Dell provides you with the troubleshooting
      tools necessary to resolve most any problem.

      Bye, mad...

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