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5108Re: [linux-dell-laptops] computer overheats

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  • Joost Kremers
    Jul 4, 2001
      Op woensdag 4 juli 2001 15:47, schreef je:
      > El día Wed, Jul 04, 2001 at 02:58:40PM +0200, Joost Kremers escribió:
      > > hi all,
      > >
      > > located). more seriously: the fan never kicks in... this is strange,
      > > because a) the fan is located in the exact same corner; b) the heat is so
      > > strong that i can feel it through the keyboard.
      > >
      > > does anyone know which piece of hardware is generating this heat? (in
      > > other words: which piece of hardware is located in this position?)
      > I'll bet it's the microprocessor. On my i3700 it's more or less between
      > F8-F11 and U-P keys, but the heat sink it's over backspace.
      > Linux kernel usually halts the processor when it's idle, but if you are
      > extensivelly using it, it cannot, so it gets hotter.

      mmm, that may make sense... when i run the program, other programs do have
      some trouble getting their work done. i'll try renicing the process then.

      > > what could be the reason that the fan does not start? is this a
      > > malfunction, or should i alter some settings?
      > What BIOS version do you have? DELL rised temperature levels for the fan
      > to work (so much that at 30 celcius degrees of ambient temperature and
      > extremely using the CPU my fan didn't start) on versions A11 and A12 of the
      > BIOS on the i3800 (A12 and A13 on i3700).
      > I had to downgrade to A11 (you would do to A10; mine it's a i3700,
      > remenber) if I wanted the fan to work. And even this way, it gets quite
      > hot.

      how do i do that? and doesn't that have other consequences?



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      a computer virus is a program that:

      - spreads like wildfire
      - gets on your computer without you wanting it
      - can cause unexpected system failures and data loss

      pray tell, which part of this definition does *not* apply to Windows?
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