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5087Re: ltmodem.rpm and kernel 2.4.5

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  • Rich Pinkall Pollei
    Jul 3, 2001
      > I did upgrade by hand - building kernel 2.4.5 from its source tree.
      > Please tell me a way of putting this new kernel in the RPM
      > database.

      There is a way to avoid putting the kernel into the RPM database, and
      that's to use the `--nodeps' option when you install your package.
      This causes RPM to skip dependency checking. Do this only if you know
      that you actually have the facilities that the new package depends on.
      This is the simplest method, and should work for your situation.

      If you still want to go with putting the kernel dependencies into the
      RPM database, the recommended procedure is to install both the binary
      and source kernel RPMs, boot the binary kernel, and then configure and
      install from the source tree if needed. If you can't get a binary RPM
      for the kernel, you can do one of two things.

      The safest is to get the latest kernel source RPM (*not* the source to
      the kernel, but the RPM source used to create the kernel packages),
      update it with the appropriate kernel sources and any changes, then
      recreate the kernel RPMS and install those. It sounds tedious, but
      it's not too difficult.

      The second way, and I've never tried this so I can't say if it would
      actually work in real life, is to create a `dummy' RPM that does
      nothing but provide the feature your package is looking for. You may
      need to do this by creating dummy RPMs for each kernel RPM, or it
      might be possible to use the Provides: tag in the RPM source.

      Hope this helps.

      Rich Pinkall Pollei
      She's the only person I know who tried to kill her spirit guide.
      -- Chekoteh, "Star Trek: Voyager"
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