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5078DVD player for Linux

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  • Alastair Hardwick
    Jul 2, 2001
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      Hi Guys,

      I have just installed the OMS to get DVD's playing on my Inspiron 8000

      I run Red Hat 7.1 with a 2.4.2-2 kernel (seawolf). I have complied and made
      the stuff for the player etc. However when I try to run a DVD it comes up
      with a message whilst
      running the omi_gtk, basically stating that DVD ioctls need installing
      (error contained below)

      I though post 2.2 kernel that DVD ioctls was built in (correct me if I am

      I have had a quick peek in the kernel configuration
      /usr/src/linux-2.4.2/make xconfig
      and could find no reference to DVD ioctls

      could some one point me in the right direction.

      Here's the horrible debugging information:

      LOG_INFO oms.c:oms_init#104 BUF allocated! 0x8059340
      LOG_INFO render_mgr.c:_render_load#84 plugin_id 7 sys
      LOG_INFO plugin_mgr.c:pluginLoad#533 loading plugin:
      (output_audio_plugin) (null), sys
      LOG_INFO plugin_mgr.c:plugin_find#424 plugin
      /usr/local/lib/oms/plugins/audio_sys.so matched (null), sys : (null), sys
      Opened audio device "/dev/dsp"
      LOG_INFO audio_sys.c:_audio_sys_open#202 fragments = 256
      fragstotal = 256
      fragsize = 256
      bytes = 65536
      LOG_INFO render_mgr.c:_render_load#116 opening audio output plugin
      LOG_INFO render_mgr.c:_render_load#84 plugin_id 8 x11
      LOG_INFO plugin_mgr.c:pluginLoad#533 loading plugin:
      (output_video_plugin) (null), x11
      LOG_INFO plugin_mgr.c:plugin_find#424 plugin
      /usr/local/lib/oms/plugins/display_x11.so matched (null), x11 : (null), x11
      LOG_INFO video_out_x11.c:_x11_open#282 Using MIT Shared memory
      LOG_INFO video_out_x11.c:_x11_open#316 using Xvideo port 58 for hw
      LOG_INFO render_mgr.c:_render_load#110 opening video output plugin
      LOG_INFO plugin_mgr.c:pluginLoad#533 loading plugin: (Nav) dvd,
      LOG_INFO plugin_mgr.c:plugin_find#424 plugin
      /usr/local/lib/oms/plugins/nav_dvd.so matched dvd , (null) : dvd , (null)
      LOG_INFO plugin_mgr.c:pluginLoad#533 loading plugin: (Input) dvd
      , (null)
      LOG_INFO plugin_mgr.c:plugin_find#424 plugin
      /usr/local/lib/oms/plugins/input_udf.so matched dvd , (null) : dvd , (null)
      LOG_INFO plugin_mgr.c:pluginLoad#533 loading plugin: (Decaps) ps
      , (null)
      LOG_INFO plugin_mgr.c:plugin_find#424 plugin
      /usr/local/lib/oms/plugins/decaps_ps.so matched ps , (null) : ps , (null)
      LOG_INFO plugin_mgr.c:pluginLoad#533 loading plugin: (CodecAudio)
      ac3 , (null)
      LOG_INFO plugin_mgr.c:plugin_find#424 plugin
      /usr/local/lib/oms/plugins/dec_ac3.so matched ac3 , (null) : ac3 , (null)
      LOG_INFO plugin_mgr.c:pluginLoad#533 loading plugin: (CodecVideo)
      mpg2, (null)
      LOG_INFO plugin_mgr.c:plugin_find#424 plugin
      /usr/local/lib/oms/plugins/dec_mpeg2.so matched mpg1mpg2, (null) : mpg2,
      Using MMXEXT for IDCT transform
      Using MMXEXT for motion compensation
      LOG_INFO plugin_mgr.c:pluginLoad#533 loading plugin: (CodecSpu)
      spu , (null)
      LOG_INFO plugin_mgr.c:plugin_find#424 plugin
      /usr/local/lib/oms/plugins/dec_spu.so matched spu , (null) : spu , (null)
      LOG_ERROR input_udf.c:_dvd_read#261 read (Input/output error)
      LOG_INFO input_udf.c:_dvd_read#262 most probably the disc is
      LOG_INFO input_udf.c:_dvd_read#263 please install DVD ioctls
      LOG_ERROR nav_dvd.c:_dvd_pre_read#823 cell_pos:1 unable to get
      full block (-1)
      LOG_INFO thread_input.c:_oms_thread_input#47 no more data left on



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