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5077Re: [linux-dell-laptops] DSL

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  • Art Delano
    Jul 2, 2001
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      on 6/29/01 8:24 PM, Michael Berey at michael.berey@... wrote:

      > I'm running a dual boot desktop and would like to port the DSL
      > setup to the Linux side.
      > Can anyone please provide some step by step guidance for this ?

      It depends too much on the DSL service you are using. For example, my DSL
      provider (speakeasy.net) uses standard TCP/IP with static IP; i set up my
      computers the same way as i would on any other LAN using static IP; plugging
      in the IP address, router (gateway) address, subnet mask, and nameservers.
      This is something you can do relatively straightforwardly through linuxconf
      or netconf. If your service provider uses DHCP rather than static IP,
      configuration is easier, since the provider's servers will generate the IP
      address and router (gateway) address for you.

      Services that use PPPoE and methods requiring proprietary software to
      communicate with the DSL 'modem' or the POP are different. You should start
      by asking your provider for support, or looking for help if your provider
      has tech service bulletin boards. There are Linux clients available for
      PPPoE, but this is something i know nothing about.

      (As an aside, I took a look at verizon.net's web pages to see if there was
      any indications of what protocols are used. Not only do they not tell you
      how they connect, the website makes no mention of bandwidth, reliability,
      tech support, contractual obligations, terms of service, and hardly any
      about requirements. They do offer a form on which you can register and begin
      paying for the service, though. This strikes me as odd as buying a car
      without knowing the make, model, or whether it's street-legal. I couldn't
      imagine going with a DSL provider who wasn't upfront about everything.)

      Art Delano: Summer!:: Logic Solutions: 734-930-0009x215
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