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5076Re: [linux-dell-laptops] BIOS upgrade to use mks2d?!

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  • Thomas Hadig
    Jun 30, 2001

      actually I found that hint in some other email ... there is no documentation
      to the mks2d program. I even asked a Dell technician but he didn't know the
      -f option either nor any other option. On one web page I found that -f is
      needed if "other" operating systems are used to write to the disk (other seems
      to mean other than windows ... but I am not sure), but didn't give any details
      on what it does differently in that case. In a recent posting in this group,
      I found the -pSIZE option, i.e. -p400M , to specify the size of the partition,
      but I am not sure that it works. I will test it next week when I am back in
      the states.

      > Ok, my bad!
      > I tried moving the ME partition a bit, and then suddenly Mks2d worked.
      > Sorry about that...
      > >I had the same problem, you have to use mks2d.exe -f
      > What does the -f flag mean? But, as I said, it works now anyway...
      > Lars
      > >>I have just received my Inspiron 8000 VT, and I am trying to create the s2d
      > >>partition as described in the FAQ.
      > >>
      > >>I have tried the phdisk, which seems to work well, apart from the fact that
      > >>it is not possible to suspend to the partition it creates (no s2d partition
      > >>found).
      > >>
      > >>When I use the mks2d tool it hangs. But when I reboot there is a partition
      > >>there, and trying Fn-A gives the message "Suspend to disk failed, BIOS
      > >>incompatible with MKS2D. BIOS upgrade needed."
      > >>I have BIOS v "A10", and there is one newer, "A11". Should I do this, or am
      > >>I doing something wrong?
      > >>
      > >>There is only WinME installed at the moment, on a 6.5 G partition. Before
      > >>that partition there is some free space (280 M). The rest of the disk is
      > >>empty.
      > >>Is there anything else you need to know to be able to help me?
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