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5062BIOS upgrade to use mks2d?!

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  • Lars Hagstrom
    Jun 29, 2001
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      I have just received my Inspiron 8000 VT, and I am trying to create the s2d
      partition as described in the FAQ.

      I have tried the phdisk, which seems to work well, apart from the fact that
      it is not possible to suspend to the partition it creates (no s2d partition

      When I use the mks2d tool it hangs. But when I reboot there is a partition
      there, and trying Fn-A gives the message "Suspend to disk failed, BIOS
      incompatible with MKS2D. BIOS upgrade needed."
      I have BIOS v "A10", and there is one newer, "A11". Should I do this, or am
      I doing something wrong?

      There is only WinME installed at the moment, on a 6.5 G partition. Before
      that partition there is some free space (280 M). The rest of the disk is empty.
      Is there anything else you need to know to be able to help me?


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