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504[linux-dell-laptops] Some success with RedHat 6.2 and Dell Latitude CPx

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  • Jeffrey Lapierre
    Mar 31, 2000
      Just wanted to drop word that without too much effort I've got RedHat
      6.2 up and running on a Latitude CPx. Some notes: I was not able to do
      the gui install, but the text install worked fine. In the XConfigure
      part of the install I choose "Custom" and SVGA 1024x768, which at least

      Dell has a new rpm for RedHat 6.2's XConfig available on their web


      I used this, but had to reduce the depth to 16 bit to avoid a flicked
      on the LCD. Other than that the display works great.

      I applied the various sound card rpms which were generated for RedHat
      6.1 with no apparent affect: sound still does not work. Perhaps I need
      to wait for Dell to compile their driver under 6.2?