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461[linux-dell-laptops] Sound on Inspiron 7500 ?

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  • philip_eagle@yahoo.com
    Mar 13, 2000
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      Last week I received my Inspiron 7500 600VT. Its brilliant display and
      the 12 GB disk make it a real desktop-like machine. I will actually use
      it as a portable workstation.

      The installation of SuSE 6.3 Linux (kernel 2.2.13) went smoothly.
      I didn't figure out yet how to make X-windows run in 1400x1050
      resolution, that's a detail for later. In 1200x786 resolution, which is
      already great, the configuration of Xfree86 3.3.5 was straightforward
      with the SaX program of SuSE.

      The only real problem that remains is getting the soundcard work.
      It's a ESS Maestro-E2. Dell provides a package (i75alna2.rpm) for this
      card on its Support website. I installed it, but it doesn't seem to

      Has someone experience with this package ? Or has anyone some other
      tips on how to make this soundcard work in Linux ?

      Thanks !

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