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  • Brian M Dial
    May 3, 2001
      I recently got a Inspiron 8000 laptop. After a bout with the pcmcia
      (which made me discover this list) everything is working peachy. Being
      that I'm using this as my primary workstation at work, I felt the need
      to attach a few devices to it to make working easier. I've run into a
      few issues though I was wondering if others had experienced.

      1. keyboard/mouse

      I *hate* the touchpad, and the little keyboard stick. The first thing I
      tried was using one of what my coworkers said was a splitter for these
      laptops that would allow me to use both an external ps2 keyboard and
      mouse in the one ps2 port on the inspirons. I plugged it in, and had
      very jerky and scrambled problems using the keyboard and mouse. It
      wasn't too much of a problem, since I could hook a USB mouse up and just
      use the ps2 for keyboard. I'm curious if this is an issue with linux or
      perhaps my coworker lied to me about the usefulness of this splitter.

      2. Monitor

      I've hooked up a viewsonic PS790 to my laptop, and it works fine.
      However, I know that the refresh rates I have for the laptop, which came
      from a user-submitted XF86Config posted here and other places, are not
      right for the monitor. The image is still useable, but I've noticed
      that my eyes seem to be a bit more taxed. Is there any solution to this
      problem other than maintaining 2 XF86Config files based on whether I'm
      using an external monitor or not?

      I appreciate any input.


      Brian M Dial
      UNIX Systems Administrator
      Rummel, Klepper & Kahl, LLP
      Ring Ring: 410.728.2900 x1329
      Beep Beep: 410.579.9754
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