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3001Re: [linux-dell-laptops] I8000 network + modem upgrade

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  • jsc3@havoc.gtf.org
    Mar 1, 2001
      I might point out that is far cheaper than any "Realport" modem/Ethernet
      CardBus combo card you are likely to find, that it doesn't require working
      PCMCIA to have a working network connection (sure makes downloading
      required PCMCIA patches much easier!), and the Actiontec gives excellent
      performance. Using a Cisco 3500 switch, I am able to saturate a 100
      megabit Ethernet segment using "scp" to transfer the files to a Sun Ultra450.
      Considering scp also is encrypting the file, that's pretty good. scp will
      try to do some compression for you, but since this file was "gzip -9"
      compressed, the compression by scp won't gain anything and might even
      hurt a little.

      I don't work for Actiontec or anything, I am just happy to have an
      inexpensive PCI modem/Ethernet (Intel 82559 chipset!) solution that
      doesn't require a dongle or PCMCIA in my laptop. It is one of the
      reasons I got the Dell (IBM ThinkPads have something similar, but
      they don't have integrated FireWire too!).

      > Dell/Linux users:
      > I contacted Dell today to find out the cost and manner by which an
      > I8000 with just the modem board in it can be upgrade to be inclusive
      > of the actiontec combo card. Apparently the upgrade is a mere $75,
      > and is quite easy to do.
      > Stuart

      John Cronin
      mailto: `echo NjsOc3@... | sed 's/[NOSPAM]//g'`
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