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29087Re: [linux-dell-laptops] Re: linux on m6500 precision

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  • Alexandre Lymberopoulos
    May 8, 2012
      > > Dear Linuxers,
      > > I hope there is still someone here and not only the spammers.

      You found at least one here. :)

      > > I've just bought a new dell m6500 prevision with i7 quad core and nvidia
      > > Fx3800M and I'd like to install linux on this monster.

      What a machine! Congratulations for this purchase!

      > > Which is your experience with 64bit linux? Could you install (and use)
      > > 32bit SW on a 64bit operating system?

      This is possible, but I remember that most of free software on linux is
      avaible to many plataforms, in particular 64bit PCs.

      You should check the linux kernel tree to find if drivers to your
      components are available.

      On the distribution choice I'm a huge fan of Debian and since my
      computers as not as powerful as your, I install no desktop enviroment,
      just X and Fluxbox. :-)

      Recently I tried XFCE (suggestion of Linus Torvalds when GNOME 3 was
      released) and it looks great on this notebook here (Celeron M 460Mhz,
      2GB RAM)

      > > Thanks in advance for the help.

      Hope this helps you. Feel free to reply asking more details.

      > > Walter

      All of the best, Alexandre
      Alexandre Lymberopoulos - lymber@...
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