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28943Re: [linux-dell-laptops] internal hard drive DELL800 latitude

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  • Allan Gottlieb
    Dec 14, 2008
      At Sun, 14 Dec 2008 12:26:37 -0400 Jim Diamond <zsd@...> wrote:

      > On Sun, Dec 14, 2008 at 11:14 (-0500), Allan Gottlieb wrote:
      >> I agree. At home every morning I do a backup (dump) from the laptop to
      >> a desktop and via the internet to New York University, where I teach.
      >> Those days when I go to work, I do an additional backup to NYU and often
      >> a third to both sites when I come home. All these are performed
      >> partition to partition on the laptop in single user mode and then the
      >> directory containing the dumps is rsync'ed to the desktop(s) in
      >> multiuser mode. Plus I have a cron job that does an rsync of the
      >> live filesystem.
      >> I find it very convenient to have all my data with me at both sites.
      > Have you considered Unison? I've been using that for a while, with
      > good success. On the days when I go in to my university (Acadia), I
      > often work from my desktop, which means my updates need to be done
      > bi-directionally, which Unison handles nicely.

      I don't see much different. I plug my monitor and keyboard/mouse into
      the laptop; every hour my files are rsync'ed to the desktop and I have
      the single user dumps one or more times a day that are also on desktops

      > And when at home, I "backup" to another laptop there with Unison.
      > Ardell's comment that "having all of your valuable data only on your
      > laptop is dangerous" (which was part of what I snipped out) is quite
      > valid, it is too bad that he chose to phrase it in the way he did.
      > Regardless of how the message was delivered, at the risk of sounding
      > preachy, I encourage all of you to realize that it is not "if" your
      > disk goes bad, it is "when".

      I agree and *when* my laptop disk went bad a year ago, nyu loaned me
      another laptop while I ordered a replacement. My dumps were valid and I
      lost no data.

      I am not arguing against keeping the master copy on a desktop or server,
      just that the "primary laptop" is viable as well.

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