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28933Re: Inspiron 1100 hanges with Ubuntu 8.10

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  • Greg Viola
    Dec 7, 2008
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      --- In linux-dell-laptops@yahoogroups.com, "Greg Viola" <gviola@...>
      > I am having a problem getting Ubuntu 8.10 to run on my Inspiron
      > While it installed without issue, after reboot and signon, the OS
      > appears to hang with nothing besides a blank orange screen and a
      > moveable mouse cursor. Am running the A32 BIOS. Any thoughts on
      > happening?
      I found out what the problem is: I needed to "RTFRN"

      In the release notes, there's a workaround for the Intel 845 series-
      video adapter used in the 1100 (which essentially says to use safe
      graphics), which, while it technically works, results in two
      undesireable side effects:
      - the screen is shrunk down to a low res size
      - there are faint blue vertical lines running top to bottom that are
      both annoying and will probably burn in permanently
      I think I'll forego Ubuntu on this machine until it has native
      support for the adapter.
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