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28905Dell 1420N wake on USB?

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  • Drew Eckhardt
    Jul 15, 2008
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      I've set the BIOS option. What do I need to do to actually wake it up with a USB input? I'd like to be able to plug it into my power supply + KVM in my office and have it wake up without opening the lid.

      I have the NVIDIA Xorg driver setup for TwinView with a CustomEDID option so it always probes my desktop LCD regardless of where X gets started for the first time. When I go home I open the lid, run xrandr -s 0 to move to the builtin display and close the case to suspend it. When I get back to work I open the lid and run xrandr -s 1 to move to the big screen and close the lid.

      Being able to skip the lid opening and closing part would be nice.

      BIOS version A07, Centos 5.1 (allegedly RHEL5.1) with kernel 2.6.25, and the 169.12 NVIDIA driver.