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28895Re: [linux-dell-laptops] Latitude - What's the best graphics card for Linux

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  • Drew Eckhardt
    May 27, 2008
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      --- Tobi <listaccount@...> wrote:

      > > Dell claims to sell a Linux version of the 1420
      > which
      > I'm not interested in an Inspiron - it hast to be
      > "business-class"
      > notebook - that's the Latitude at the moment (I
      > think Vostro and XPS only
      > come with glossy WSXGA+ displays.).

      It's a personal example and caution that having Dell
      install Linux won't avoid problems.

      I've had three Linux laptops (Linux Certified, Dell
      Latitude 630, Dell Inpiron 1420) in the last five
      years. Only the Linux Certified box worked without a
      lot of tinkering.

      If your time is worth money you want to buy from a
      vendor that will deal with the headaches even if you
      get the Dell (at least one of the Linux laptop vendors
      sells a couple Latitude models).

      Lots of people who don't do that have all sorts of
      problems. Just do a web search.


      If Dell guaranteed a specific hardware configuration
      went with a given SKU we wouldn't have these problems,
      but they don't.
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