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28890Re: [linux-dell-laptops] Latitude - What's the best graphics card for Linux

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  • Tessier Alexandre
    May 27, 2008
      tzaphod a écrit :
      > Hi!
      > I'm going to buy a Latitude D830 soon, but haven't decided yet, what
      > graphics card to choose. For a T9300 I can select between a NVidia NVS
      > 140M or an on-board Intel GMX X3100.

      I don't know this nvidia card. You should check that it is supported by
      the nvidia driver.
      I only buy laptops with nvidia geforce graphics card (actually GeForce
      8400M GS) because nvidia provides a very good driver (with a
      configuration tool: nvidia-settings) and everything works perfectly.

      > Which of these graphics cards causes less trouble on Linux? Will the
      > GMA X3100 have enough performance for Beryl / Compiz and 3D

      no problem with nvidia cards

      > applications like Blender? I also need to run some more or less
      > complex WPF applications in a VirtualBox VM with XP or Server 2008.

      graphics applications are very slow when using vmware.

      > What about support of external monitors? Am I restricted in the
      > resolution of the external monitor somehow?

      no problem with nvidia cards

      > Anything else I should be aware of, when intending to run Linux on the
      > D830?
      > Thanks,
      > Tobias

      tel: +33 (0)238494670
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