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28859Issue with my Inspiron E1505 Battery.

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  • Santhana Krishnan Boopalan
    Mar 25, 2008
      Dear all.
      I have been using a DELL inspiron E1505(6400) since Aug 06. I use Ubuntu.
      I usually drain my battery once in 3 weeks/a month. the same way, I
      let my battery drain and slept off on friday (21/3). On saturday I
      noticed that the battery now has 0% charge. and It doesnt get charged
      after that.
      1. I use a 65 W adapter, tried using a 90W adapter. -> No result.
      2. The terminals of the battery are at 12.88 V DC, when the AC power
      is switched on, I didnt check the current flow though. I.E. the
      battery starts to charge but the charging happens only for a about
      20-30 seconds. and after that it stops.

      any ideas of what I need to before I go in for a new battery would be
      very helpful.
      thanks in advance.
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